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About Massage Thereapy

Massage therapy is designed to address soft tissue injuries and damage within the body. Massage therapy increases blood circulation, re-sets normal resting muscle tone, improves range of motion, and increases the normal function of the body.

More About Massage Therapy

A massage therapy session at ADIO Chiropractic Center begins with your therapist reviewing your diagnosis, health history, and any other problems you may be experiencing.  An evaluation may be performed to confirm your working diagnosis.  Our therapists have access to a doctor of chiropractic at anytime should any questions arise during treatment.

The massage therapist uses gentle kneading and stretching techniques that target contracted muscles and fascia (a tissue structure that covers the muscles).  In addition to kneading and stretching, the therapist may also use techniques such as ice or heat therapy. These techniques are designed to stimulate injured tissues, promote relaxation, lengthen contracted muscles, reduce scar tissue, and alleviate trigger points caused by tension in the fascia.

Massage therapy is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be beneficial for patients who have acute or chronic conditions.  A continuing care plan may be recommended to ensure long-lasting benefits.

During a sports massage, the therapist uses a variety of techniques to focus on specific muscle groups in the body.  A typical massage begins with rhythmic, stroking movements that relax the patient and allow the therapist to identify tense and tender areas.  As the massage continues, the therapist gradually begins to focus on deeper tissues, using a kneading motion to stretch the muscle fibers and stimulate circulation.  Finally, they may use forceful grasping and stretching motions to separate and break down harmful tissues with the body.

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